Canteen Group

About Us

The Canteen Group prides itself as an anchor group, having supported parishioners of the Church of St Stephen through the historical times of this church, while seeking to continue bringing happiness and spiritual bonding to the people they engage with, with warm welcome.

The Canteen Group consists mainly of 5 teams of families, or groups of volunteers, which are highly committed to the activities that strive to support the Church, through funds­raising by the food they prepare for sale on each Sunday morning.

The activities of each Sunday’s event promote community bonding through the fellowship and social interactions at these breakfast gatherings.

The teams are called upon to actively draw visitors and non­ministry parishioners closer to our parish. These individual visitors or families are not only encouraged to re-visit us, but also to grow closer to Christ, hopefully through our pastoral interactions of care and welcoming efforts.

Through the years, our pastoral efforts have had many good encounters with people who join our canteen groups and eventually gone on to assist other ministries as well. These are truly joyous moments for us all through Christ’s graces!

Our Mission

To bring Jesus to parish visitors and assist non-­ministry parishioners to be welcomed into the various ministries within the church.

Our Members

Group Co­ordinator : Philip Hia
1st Sunday : Philip Hia and Volunteers
2nd Sunday : Francis Lee and Family
3rd Sunday : Peter Heng and Volunteers
4th Sunday : Theresa Lange and Family
5th Sunday : Sena Rivera and Volunteers
How to get involved

What better way to serve in our church than to provide home cooked food for the parishioners of our church? To get involved, please contact us at XX

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